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Because it’s a big decision, Air Temp outlines the pros and cons to our customers on choosing a straight cool system or a Heat Pump system. We also only offer the best equipment to make sure we save homeowners money for the life of their air conditioning units. Many contractors are providing estimates for straight cool equipment. While it’s great in some cases, this could be a disservice to the customer because most homes built in the Port Saint Lucie area were built with Heat Pumps. Unfortunately, customers are not always aware that they are receiving an estimate for a straight cool system and don’t find this out until winter time when their electric bill is much higher than the previous year. Here are just some of the reasons we provide quotes for either type of system.

Thinking Straight Cool? If you use your heat very little a straight cool system may be the choice for you because it costs less and is more efficient on the cooling side. It may cost more to use than a Heat Pump System in the heating mode.
Thinking Heat Pump? This may cost more than a straight cool yet, costs much less to use in the heating mode. If you use your heat during the winter a heat pump would be a better choice.

Benefits of Heat Pump Systems

• A heat pump reverses its cycle to produce heat
• A heat pump is much more economical to run then a heat strip
• Cost more to purchase but will use less energy + a lower utility bill
• Heats better than a straight cool
• Has a back-up heat strip for emergency heat


Benefits of Straight Cool Systems

• Higher SEER ratings are available in straight cool units
• FPL rebates are usually higher
• A straight cool unit is slightly more efficient when cooling
• Costs Less

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