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What is DrainGuard?

Drain Guard was developed due to the alarming number of nuisance air-conditioning service calls for clogged drain lines. Drain Guard is Patent Pending, Laboratory Tested and Specifically Designed for Drain Guard.

How It Works

One-time installation of the Drain Guard T-body assembly with a slow releasing formula guarantees up to six months of drain protection. After the initial six months, a new cartridge (Model CM-08118 package contains 2 cartridges) can be installed to the existing Drain Guard T-body. With its transparent design, it is easy to see when the Drain Guard is activated. There are no complicated electrical components to fail and repair.

Drain Guard is Effective Against

  • Algae
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria

* once cartridge is activated, the cartridge will turn earth tone showing the formula is now activated*

Once a licensed air conditioning contractor has verified the condensate drain is cleaned and free of obstruction(s), the Drain Guard T-Body may be installed. Once it is installed, the contractor will run the air conditioner system and look for any leaks as this is a totally sealed component; ensure all glue joints are watertight and that the Drain Guard cartridge has been clicked into the locked position. Insulate the T-Body when installing in an unconditioned space to prevent sweating. DO NOT glue the cartridge to the body assembly as this is a self-locking mechanism with a gasket seal. For cartridge replacement, twist the expended Drain Guard cartridge off the T-body assembly and reinstall your replacement Drain Guard cartridge.

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