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Restore your comfort with Air Temp Air Conditioning’s home AC repair in Port St. Lucie. Your home’s central air conditioning system may disappoint you at times when it goes down while you need it the most. When such an instance arises, it is important to call a trustworthy licensed HVAC repair service specialist that is able to restore the comforts of your home as quickly as possible.

For the best performance of an AC, it has to be professionally installed. We ensure that we install an appropriately sized AC for your home with our best home air conditioner repair in Port St. Lucie. After all, there is no air conditioner that shall keep you cool throughout the summer if not properly installed.

The old air conditioners may stop working after continuous usage over the years. The problem might be minute or a big one. Routine checks are mandatory if you wish to minimize the problems developing in the air conditioners.

There are many types of air conditioners to choose from. Whatever be the type of your cooling system or the additional service that you require, Air Temp Air Cooling has the solution to any home AC repair service in Port St. Lucie.

Central air conditioners- This is a commonly found air conditioning system that cools the entire house. For bigger homes, this serves as the best option. However, you may have to face problems such as the AC unit shutting on and off continuously after its usage over the course of time.


Air Duct Cleaning- Duct cleaning is useful especially when you suspect mold growth in it. The ducts get filthy over time. Ducts are repaired in most of the cases. But sometimes, they need replacement.


Duct Sealing- Duct sealing improves the efficiency of the air conditioning system and comforts of your home.


Ductless systems- These are less vulnerable to air leakage in addition to being energy efficient.


We Are The Best Ac Repair & Replacement Services in Port St. Lucie, FL

Need AC repair in Port St. Lucie, FL? Air Temp Air Conditioning helps our customers have clean, reliable air year round. We have uniformed technicians and can help you 24 hours a day. Whether you need an AC repair or a HVAC repair in Port St.Lucie, we’re here to help.

Our local AC and HVAC company office has provided services to this area for 10 years. We’ve built a reputation for reliability. We stand by our mission to offer professional services by professional people. As a licensed and insured AC company, our customer referrals prove we are working hard to keep our customers happy, and the best AC service provider near you.

Air conditioners are complex machines and can break down without warning. And nothing can ruin your sleep like a hot summer night or a chilly winter night. It can happen due to many reasons, some of which include tripping circuit or damage to the AC unit. Regardless of the reason, you don’t have to sweat the summers and shiver during winters if your HVAC stops working. We provide 24-hr AC repair in Port St. Lucie every day of the week because we know that disaster can strike anytime. We rotate our professional repairmen’s shifts so that they can provide you the necessary services even on weekends and holidays. We will turn up even on Christmas and Independence Day.

We treat every problem as an emergency and send out our dedicated serviceman as soon as we receive your call. Our experts can identify the problem and solve it in no time so that you can rest easy. They have experience with various problems and are trained to service various AC models. They make sure that the area is as clean as when they arrived after the job. Our residential HAVC repair in Port St. Lucie extend to residential and commercial buildings. Other situations that warrant an AC unit repair in Port St. Lucie include gas leakage, tripping circuit, mold growth, water leakage and noises from the fan. If not fixed, they could result in accidents or damage to the building’s structure and wiring. So don’t wait for the night to get over, call us now at 772-905-3407 and we will arrive at your doorstep in no time.

Air Temp Air Cooling offers several home AC services throughout Port St. Lucie that are unmatched. With us, you can be sure that your residential AC will be repaired perfectly while reaching your place at time. All our services are efficiently performed at affordable costs. Our transparency and integrity shines through every conversation we have with our clients. Start today with us to work together to find the ideal environment for your home.


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