4 Issues That May Mean You Need An AC Replacement

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The Sunshine State boasts more than 230 days of sunshine each year. With all those sunny days comes hot temperatures and high humidity like most other tropical climates. And it’s on those days that you come to really appreciate your air conditioner. You’ll want to take great care of that machine or you might end up needing an air conditioning replacement.

Warm air could indicate air conditioning replacement

Your air conditioner is supposed to circulate cold air around the inside of your home. If it’s circulating warm air instead you could have a problem. This situation could be caused by a few problems like an air compressor issue or if the air flow from your unit is somehow restricted. If you notice warm air flowing out of your machine, it could signal time for air conditioning replacement Port St. Lucie.

Leaking water could indicate a need for replacement

Water is part of the air conditioning process. When refrigerant cycles through the unit, the byproduct is condensation. That condensation ideally should evaporate away, but in the event that it’s collecting in or near your unit, you’ll need to call an air conditioner pro to assess the situation.

Smells and/or noises

Both bad smells and unusual noises are indications that it might be time to call in an AC pro for air conditioning repair or replacement. If you ever hear any banging, grinding, clashing, or squealing, don’t waste any time making the call. Unwanted microbial growth could be the cause of any unusual smells and a seasoned air conditioner pro can nip the problem in the bud.

What to do with insufficient airflow

If you have a home with significant square footage, you might experience challenges with getting cool air to all rooms of the home. A professional air conditioner service person can help to diagnose the problem and formulate a solution. It could be as simple as removing blockage or a clogged air filter, or it could be a more serious situation like too much demand on the unit.

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